#206: World War 2091

[A room with many shelves and devices]

-They’re breaking through the battlements!
-What should we do, Commander?
-I need a minute.
-We need a decision now, Commander. We have troops waiting for your instruction.
-We’ll have a decision. I need to see their subsequent movements.
-It’s not long til they break through, sir!
-Should we be moving now, sir?
-Hold positions.
-Hold positions!
-I am waiting for the opportune moment.
-Moments passing, sir!
-The troops are anxious to leave.
-The troops will have to WAIT!


-They breached the territory!
-Commander, they’ve breached the territory!
-This is it, men. Send them in.
-Send in the troops!
-Send in the troops!


-You did well, Commander.
-No preemptive celebrations.
-Status Report: 47 men down.
-Keep fighting, men! Until the reach this hub, we keep fighting.

[A bloody technological war ensues.]