#205: Ark

“I am an ark, protecting human life by spreading forth more.”

You’re pregnant?
You’re pregnant?
Oh my God, you’re engaged.
You’re pregnant.
Let me see it.
Oh my God, you’re pregnant.
How many months is it?
When’s it due?
You look beautiful.
Are you telling people?
How many people know?
You’re pregnant.
You’re engaged!
Have you set a date?
When is it due?
You and Terry must be so pleased
Aren’t you so happy?
You’re carrying life.
You are so good.
Oh, that’s wonderful news.
Oh my God, you’re pregnant
You are glowing.
God, I remember when I was pregnant.
You are a vessel for the future.
You are beautiful.
Well done.
The bathroom is at the back. I know exactly what it’s like.
Do you feel wonderful?
Is it a boy or a girl?
You look more like a mother everyday.
Can I touch your belly?
Have you felt it kick?
Not long now.
You look fantastic.
Don’t you just stick of people saying that.
You’re pregnant.
Oh my god, you’re pregnant!
You look great.
You’re carrying it really well!
Not long to go now.
Don’t you feel like you’re at the edge if something?
It’s close.
Is it close?
You’re so big now!
You’re so big now!
Not long now.


Doesn’t she look cute?
You did so well.

Let me hold the baby.
Let me hold the baby.
Let me see.
Let me hold her.

“I am an ark and I will sail until we can go no further. Until we reach dry land. Until we find our oasis in the desert.”