#202: Life Is A Horrible Day

[A cigar house.]

-Was a terrible time. Oh God.
-Oh God. Remember the hats?
-They were ridiculous.
-Remember Wilbert?
-Terrible, terrible.
-So fat.
-He could be really attractive if he tried.
-He was so fat.
-He IS so fat!
-He doesn’t want to be, George.
-You’re kidding. He doesn’t want to even try. Cake after cake after cake.
-God, remember the bear.
-The bear costume.
-Oh fuck, that was beyond awful. I was so embarrassed for everyone. Especially him.
-Why did he dress up?
-He thought it was funny.

[They pause for a second and then can’t stop themselves for laughing at the memory.]

-What the fuck was he thinking?
-What the fuck! Indeed. And we was wearing that stupid hat!
-What did Griffin says?
-Oh god, what did he say!?
-He tried to say he was completely bare, you know, like nude.
-You’re right.
-Like a pun with bear. Could have been so funny but it fucking wasn’t.
-No, sir.
-No fucking way.
-He messed it up.


-More brandy?
-You are incredible.
-Yes I am
-Pour it in, Giddens.

[He opens his mouth wide and Giddens pours a bottle of brandy into his mouth. They laugh.]