#201: The Cat Who Went To Brighton

[A woman sits on the train with her tortoiseshell kitten in a cage.]

-Quiet, Lemon.

[Another woman and her child join the train at the station.]

-Look, it’s a little kitten, Maddy.

[The little child runs towards the cat and immediately strikes up conversation with the woman and her cat.]

-Awesome. What’s it called?
-Like the fruit?
-Why’s she in a cage?
-I’m taking her to my mum’s house. She’s going to live with her for a while.
-Why’s she in a cage?
-So she can’t get out. Not many people would like a cat running free in the carriage.
-Oh yeah, I suppose not. My name’s Ellie.
-That’s a lovely name. Have you got a cat?
-We can’t have one cause Mummy’s allergic.

[The mother smiles at the other woman.]

-Why’s it called Lemon?
-That’s what my son wanted to call her.
-Lemon. It’s a funny name.
-Yes, I suppose it is.
-What’s your name?
-That sounds like my name. Lily. Ellie. Lily. Ellie
-You better go find a seat with your Mummy.
-Yeah, ok. Bye bye little kitten.
-It just spoke to me. Did you hear that?

[Her mother nods.]

-Bye Ellie.
-Bye Lily.

[The child and the mother find a seat further along the train.]