#200: Showering

[A shower in an unnamed European city. Two men are washing.]

-Reminds me of Gatsby.
-Mortimer. He reminds me of Gatsby.
-In what way?
-He’s so… sad.
-He misses Gert.
-That girl from school. You know, his boarding school.
-No. Seriously?
-Did they have a go of it?
-He always talks about her. Very intense feelings by the sounds of it.
-But did they, you know?
-Fuck. It’s unknown, but there was definitely some chemistry. Pass the soap.
-You dirty man.
-Help me get clean.
-You’re beyond help.
-Why don’t you bend over and get it?
-I’m not bending over for you. Pass me the soap.
-You will. What’s the deal with Mortimer anyway? Is he a homo or what?
-He’ll still in love with her.
-What? Gert?
-Yeah, he’s fixated. Needs a good stick up his ass!
-I’ll put one in him.
-I’m sure you will.
-You nearly done?
-Yeah. We need to get to class.
-Here’s your towel. Dry up this mess.
-Don’t get dressed yet.
-I want to fuck you on the bed before we leave.
-If that’s ok?
-Yes please.
-Well, go get ready.