#195: Montpelier Row

It all begins with a man and woman conversing at the bus stop. They look like people that you might know. People you might invite in for a cup of tea without much deliberation.

Across the street a elderly woman pulls her stroller out of the Costcutter. She pauses for a moment before acknowledging the pain in her arm and the tightening of her chest.

A group of children are sitting chatting through the stories of the week at school on the patch of grass next to the bus stop. What Gordon said, what Kamal said, what Yolanda was doing with her packed lunch, spitting and chewing her food. They are reminiscing about the fight that all of them heard about but didn’t see.

The man suddenly stands and the children realise that the woman across the road has fallen over. She’s lying on the floor at an odd angle.

The children were laughing and joking about Wayne and Raj’s fight. Now they are ashen faced, looking on with concern.

This isn’t like anything at school.
This ain’t like nothing they ever seen before.

Here’s a story.