#190: Possible Events 2

A skate park with models as obstacles. The BMX bikers and Chanel tributes dance with each other, filling each other’s negative space. A commentator narrates each interaction, giving voice to their fluidity and creativity.

A man washes his hands in a sink and cries in a museum. A Guinness World Record adjudicator stands beside him timing him and ensuring that he completes the record. He does dishes until his hand bleeds. At the end of the record, the adjudicator and an audience applauds.

A concert where only audience members who are not wearing clothes are permitted. While the orchestra members are in full dress, the conductor is naked and waves his baton with joy.

A simulation of a burning house where you are invited to play. You are told that you must find the cat. The cat is a stuffed toy hid under the bed in an upstairs bedroom. When you leave the house you are told to administer CPR which you do so until you cry. A stage manager then ushers you out and offers you tea and biscuits.

A lone trombonist taps the detached mouthpiece of his instrument against the bell sporadically. On each tap, the lighting operator turns off or on one of the lamps in the auditorium. The audience are individually welcomed to the space on the sound of the tap and then once they have all entered, on each tap they are ushered out individually. The performance varies in length.

A train slides into the side of a painting. When the train pulls back the painting is gone, and the frame is a celebration of colour. After a brief pause, a driver emerges and apologises to each onlooker and shakes their hand.