#182: Possible Events

A concert where the instrumentalists are dotted around the auditorium. There is no conductor, even though they have rehearsed with a musical director. They tune up and begin almost simultaneously as though they have only just learned how to play.

A fencing tournament between President Obama and a woman who wants her husband to come off antidepressants. President Obama wins as he has water and snacks.

A sports day where all the parents participate and the children clap and scream for them.

A comedy gig where people are removed if they laugh. The last person realises that there’s another room where there is more comedy and Derren Brown is watching through a two-way mirror understanding the isolated character and forcing him a couple of months down the line to be the lead actor in the staging of bank robbery.

A short film which features a man making chicken soup for his dying wife. All we see is the pot.

Christopher Walken stands in front of a map and speaks aloud all the capital cities of the world.

A film where Quentin Crisp looks at plays and laughs for hours beyond hours beyond hours.