#181: Mooks

A toucan is considering his new position as a chairman of the forest. He is determined to make a difference in the world of politics, by sharing his rhetoric and skill with his community. They have been fighting for many years with the neighbouring forest and he’s looking for a way for them all to find peace and hope in the not-too-distant-future.

He stands at the fallen trunk looking over the different padded leaves and areas laid out for his cabinet. They will meet in less than an hour from now to hear what he has to say on the state of the rainforest. Resources are low and it’s time to distribute what is left before the war is formally announced

He knows that he has too many agreements and arrangements to make with his people before he negotiates with his former brothers in the neighbouring forest.

He sighs. Time to put on his best chairman suit and speak to his people about the years that they have left as a tribe.