#180: Duckling

The little one is falling behind the rest
his mother turns back and scoops him up

He’s safe now
All tucked in under her wing
A little duck hug keeping him warm

The others look on
knowing he has to be protected
knowing they’ll eventually have to leave him behind

They’ve learnt to sleep with one eye open
Looking out for one another and the predators that threaten their lives

The little one hasn’t learnt this yet
He’ll find it hard to survive without his mama


A little girl called Sophie will find him in three days’ time
He’ll be cold and shivering in the reeds of the pond near her house
But she’ll take him home and bathe him
keep in a duck-sized shoe box until he grows up

She’ll stay up for a few nights with him
Trying to keep her eyes open to make sure he’s all safe
Until sleeps snatches her away

He’ll learn to keep one eye open for her
until one day he’s ready to fly away.