#175: Will Be Contextualised Better.

[A voiceover for images of women doing things, a la a PSA from the 1960s.]

Let’s all clap women!
Look at what the women are doing!
Isn’t it great? Women walking in public! Women wearing trousers! Women riding bicycles with baskets!
Women eating in restaurants while holding babies!
Let’s all applaud women who do magical things like cleaning cabinets while creating inventory, writing at desks and sorting out their finances.

What’s this woman up to?
Babysitting 10 children in a 3-bedroom house? It’s a miracle!
What about this lady?
She’s making an announcement about the diversion on a local bus route! Outstanding!
And how’s this woman doing?
She’s standing in a queue waiting to be served! She’s holding the basket herself!

Have you praised someone today? If you haven’t, turn to the nearest woman in your life and say well done!

Remember, being a woman is difficult so don’t forget to say good job!
It’s not patronising if it’s encouraging!

Women. Because men would destroy everything without them.



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