#174: Four Bar: New Religion: New Ideology

What do they remind us of
as they endlessly play this riff

The drummer waiting stoically for his entrance
As the guitarist plucks a few more bars
The drummer smashes on through cymbals cymbals bang bass

Finally they strike the chords together as one.

The crowd raises its arms and nods its head to mark out the rhythm
Our hearts respond in a way our mind can’t even fathom such is the stirring of emotion in the music

What do they remind us of
as they endlessly play on

They remind us that it’s all the same
It’s all the same
That under one roof of music we’re all linked by beats and notes

Our leader screams patriotically that we’re all the same.
You’re just like you and me
I dance like you dance

We don’t question him
We just think isn’t that just a wonderful thing?



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