#163: Facebook Families

[A phonecall between mothers.]

-Hello. Lydia?
-Who is this?
-Hi, it’s Michael’s mum. Pauline. From Class 2C.
-Ah, Pauline. How are you?
-I’m fine thanks. Hope you’re well. Is this a good time?
-Of course, I was about to pop out, but I’ve got time.
-If you’re going out, it can wait til later…
-No, no, Pauline, how can I help you?
-Well, I was calling to talk to you about our sons.
-I see. How did you get this number?
-It’s on the contact sheet from the beginning of the year.
-Oh, yes, of course. How can I help you, Pauline?
-I wanted to talk about the incident at school on Monday. Mrs Radford said it might be better if we spoke about the issue and addressed it directly, so that the boys were clear that this is not appropriate. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want it to escalate any further. I want to show the
-No, of course. It’s funny though that Mrs Radford has not spoken to me about the issue. Did she approach you?
-She was concerned for the boys’ behaviour on school property and was asking about their home lives. I didn’t want to speculate, but rest assured that Liam has an exemplary upbringing.
-I would say the same for Kyle too.
-Well, I think we should speak to our boys together.
-I’ve spoken to Kyle. He’s promised to stay away from your son. He’s apologised. That’s enough for me. Is it not for you?
-What happened to Liam was not just something you can just say sorry and expect everything to return to normal.
-Oh please, Lydia, it was a rough and tumble between boys
-Liam is a sensitive child. He’s got cuts and grazes. He’s afraid to come to school
-They’ve got to learn about the big bad world soon enough.
-But it’s our job as mothers to protect them as much as possible
-Most people learn by doing and interacting with the world. This isn’t something they can learn in a book
-I think your son learnt those moves in a book!
-Quite frankly I don’t see what the problem is
-You don’t think it’s a problem that your Kyle is picking fights with the smallest child in the playground?
-They were playing.
-That is not playing!
-I’m hanging up now Lydia
-Pauline. Please.
-I would rather discuss this in person.
-That’s ridiculous. We need to hit this on the head now.
-I’ll see you at the afterschool disco on Friday. Goodbye.
-Very well.
-Good bye Lydia
-Have a lovely day, Pauline.



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