#157: Experience Seekers

They do it on hills
in graveyards
in the back of the car
on the edge of the motorway
in the living room of a cottage in Farnborough
on the kitchen table top in the self catering accommodation in the Andes
in the après-ski
in the bar toilets in Cape Town
in an alleyway in New York
across the country in Travelodges
They travel down Route 66
they do it at a gas station
Someone looks on but they pretend they haven’t see them
(The on-looker will go home and tell her husband
and they will fuck at the delight of the story of the horny couple at the gas station)

They do it which way and every way they can
They stand up, they sit down
on the road, up in the air,
legs and arms and hands everywhere.

She keeps her heels on
and he has his trousers around his ankles
It’s hard not to be crass about them
This is the life they have
Travelling together
Exploring the world
each other
taking photos of everywhere they’ve fucked
everywhere they’ve held hands as a couple of fuckers.

It’s an extensive body of work
that they curate before landing back home from their world tour

They uploading everything to the hard drive and take a look that night. The night they get back. They look until the screen exhausted themselves and they’re ready for bed.

They stare at the new bed in their new house
they’ve never slept in here before

They stall
not sure where to look or where to go


She leads him into the laundry room
and they do it on washing machine.



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