#156: Millionaires

Brown brogues
Red socks
Navy trousers
Blue checked shirt
and that hair cut that Hugh Bonneville’s character has in Notting Hill

He’s successful, rich and slightly individualistic. He gives to Save the Children and buy books from the OXFAM bookshop.

He likes his wife and his children have presents from around the world. They are scattered at universities and colleges across Europe studying sciences and humanities. Altogether they speak three languages and have five degrees.

He goes to the driving range but doesn’t play golf. He drinks lager but not ale.

He’s watched gay porn once
It wasn’t really for him but he thought at least he’d tried it.
At least he knew

Susan and he attended a party with swingers once in 2007. He drives a Lexus and when the keys were pulled out of the bowl, he couldn’t believe that it had gone this far. He made eyes to Susan and they left to go home and sleep. The next morning they

He’s reading The Times
but thank God
at least he’s reading it
Mainly for the business section
He looks at arts and culture too
He knows the plot of all the recent releases and bestsellers but he doesn’t have time to read them.

He’s done the crossword already
and he’s doing the Sudoku now
It’s only the mild one, but he does it quickly and diligently on his iPad mini

It’s his stop next. Another day of work.
Wednesday’s come round quickly this week.



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