#155: Women need to raise the bar to get in the boardroom

[Two junior executives in an open plan office environment. Others sit around them, on the phone. ]

[on the phone] what? what? what? no. shut up. that’s awesome. tell me more.
[on the phone] you’re selling it? no no Ian. listen to me Ian.
[on the phone] no. no. no.
[on the phone] I’m asking you to go now. take it. take it
[on the phone] tell me how it is, Brad. I need to know what you got.
[on the phone] you call me back in a minute. you know it’s the right decision. do the right thing, Ian!
[on the phone] done. fucking done! goodbye sir. yes, always a pleasure.
[on the phone] I’m hanging up now. make a decision. thank you.

[The junior executives wait for the next call to come in.]

-sweating like a dog today. like. a. dog.
-you’re barely working
-mr fisher hasn’t been around today
-you want him to see you
-I want my promotion
-oh totally, cause you deserve that.
-I do, first openly gay trader on this floor, they’d been stupid not to
-positive discrimination
-I don’t see you complaining
-you’re a man
-thank you for pointing that out
-do you forget due to my camp nature?
-no I never forget
-you’ve been working here, what?, 4 years now?|
-promotion just round the corner
-unless I snap in there first
-I’m not afraid of you!
-you’re happily married, no kids
-yes, that’s right
-are you and Jeremy thinking about having children?
-I don’t know
-you don’t discuss it?
-We joke about it
-Joking about children?
-Like in the kitchen when we’re fucking
-Are you and Tom going to have children? Are you thinking about adoption or surrogacy?
-Maybe, probably after the promotion though

[Both the phones ring on their desks. They both answer with equal conviction.]



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