#154: Luggage

[A busy train leaving from New York to upstate. The train has pulled out the station and people are arranging too many bags into a small area.]

a man sighs
-Excuse me
-I’ll do it
-I’m doing it, Cindy!
-Sit down. Over there
-Save me a seat
-Excuse me
-Coming through
-Sorry, madam

-Thank you
someone sighs
-Here, let me help you
-It’s fine
-Thank you
-We’re sorting the bags
-I would like to get to my seat
-Don’t put that down there
-I don’t want mine at the bottom; I’m getting off at Albany
-So am I
-Can I put my case down?
-Excuse me!
another sigh
-Can I put my bag here?
-This is only small
-Excuse me
-You put yours first
-you put yours first
-oh right
-thank you
-Could you wait please?
-This one
-Take this one
-Please be careful
-Oh God
-Watch out for that one!

[A bag is slipping from the luggage area. Its owner is too far away to catch it and no one else does.]

-Oh my god
-My bag!
-Look out

[It falls.]

-It’s very fragile. The contents.

[Someone tries to pick it up.]


[He does and some passengers leave to find seats.]

-Sorry, sir.
-Just leave it.

[He picks it up and leaves out of earshot.]

[It is very quiet, compared to the cacophony before.]

-Is it someone’s head?

[The man sits.]



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