#149: Banana Party

[A garden in the suburbs. Henry has returned from his morning wall. Henry is a snail.]

-Guys! Guys! Look what I found.
-We saw the rose patch already, Henry. It’s beautiful.
-No, no. You won’t regret this – there’s something special on the pavement.
-We’re not going to the pavement
-I’ve not been to the pavement since my Joey left.
-Oh, Winnie!
-Trust me, it’s worth it. We’re not going onto the pavement, Henry!


[7 slugs gather around the banana]

-Oh my god!
-How did you find this?
-You know how you tell me not to go wandering off?
-Sometimes it’s worth it!
[with a mouthful of food] Anything’s worth this!
-We have struck gold here, gentlemen. It’s every snail for themselves!
-Get what you can, then we need to scram, before this pavement becomes busy with feet again.
-No need to cut it short. I thought we could have a banana party!
-You thought what?
[A voice from the distance.] Hey Henry!
-Is that?
-Oh my God – who invited the girls?
-Sorry guys!
-Just when you think you’ve got a banana all to yourself – Henry goes and invites the girls
-We’re all dead for sure.



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