#140: Earrings

[LUCY is waking up after a night with NATHAN. NATHAN is bringing in a tray of coffee and toast.]

-You awake?
-Morning. Good morning. I’m up!
-Don’t think so.
-I’m trying.
-How are you?
-Fine. My head hurts.
-I made coffee
-Yes please.
-Do you take milk?
-I change my mind a lot
-I didn’t know that [!]. You change
-Excuse me?
-Just teasing
-Shut up
-Coffee for you
-Thank you.
-Shit! What time is it?
-What day is it?
-Oh holy fuck!
-Calm down. Have a coffee
-What? Oh shit.
-What’s the matter?
-I have work you dipshit!

-Where are my earrings?

-Where are my trousers?

-Chill out!
-I will not chill out!
-Here’s your pants
-Oh god.

-I’ll give you a lift in



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