#138: Sleeping All Day

-It’s a good evening; morning for me. Ready for another shift at the bar. I pull open the blacks and proceed to the bathroom floor on all fours, brushing my teeth in a quasi-hungover state in a sweaty shower. My head aches and I kill the light as I wash myself all over. I wrap a towel round my hot skin; the water has scolded my legs, but I couldn’t give a fuck. I can breathe and I feel alive; ready to work the next 10 hours. I find my Metrocard and leave the house. I’ve remembered my keys and my wallet. My phone. Fuck, my phone. I have to run back to get my phone and I add some guy-liner for effect.

Jojo’s already texted asking me where the fuck I am. I dive onto the A train. The clattering sound of the cars on the tracks dull the ringing in my ears and I make my way towards work.



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