#137: Toast

-You can have toast here, Gerry?
-We’ve got bread here.
-I know
-And a toaster. There’s some butter in the fridge.
-I like the cafe
-You don’t need the cafe. It’s all here
-I’m heading out.
-You like the girl in the cafe
-I like my things the way they are
-She’s always chatting to you Gerry
-The girl!
-Oh rubbish. She talks to everyone.
-You should come with me.
-It’s very nice. They do great coffee.
-We’ve got some coffee here and milk
-It’s instant. This one’s from an espresso machine
-We talking about getting one from the house
-It’s a lovely cafe
-What’s that girl’s name? In the cafe?
-The girl? The chatting one. What’s her name?
-Oh, I can’t remember
-Jessie, Jess, Jessica. Something like that
-No one needs that much milk
-You know, those lattes or what-not? No one needs that much milk.



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