#134: A Brave Voice?

[The aftermath of civil war]

[A drinks reception for the Captain. Crowds like we’ve never seen. Military personnel, politicians, sportspeople, nurses, doctors, scientists, nerds, people with babies, children, people in suits, hipsters. All admirers of the Captain. Mr Sangster is finishing his rousing introduction. It is full of sincerity; everyone is caught in the moment.]

– May we never forget the great war you fought for us! We continue to do your good work in the time of your passing. Ladies, charge your glasses and everyone, stand to! Today is the day we acknowledge the Captain and the dedicated team of people behind him: Julie, Foster, Hara, Tidsen, Jing, Zhang, Mbango, Quentin and Foxley. I’ll hand you over to Addison who’s going to talk more about –

[Addison cuts across him and stands on a table, raising her glass. She is tipsy and emotional.]

-The captain has served us across the fields of this fine land. He has crossed every one of our paths and sat with us at dinner. He raised a glass with us, and battled against the exhaustion to ensure we would all be here today. He didn’t rest until he knew this country was at peace once more. He spoke to all of our hearts and showed us. He showed us that deep down we’re all the same, through the masks, through the disguises, through the bodies that we paint in different colours. We look passed all this and honour the Captain, who unites us all!


[The crowd raises Addison. She soars in the crowd as they chant.]



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