#133: From A Play That I Wrote a Year Ago…

To be read aloud into a microphone, surrounded by books.
Please ignore my incessant use of the return key. It means nothing

I run a blog called Iris Speaks the Truth
you might have heard of it
it’s where I lie to people and tell them it’s going to be ok
it’s not going to be ok
the apocalypse is coming
and you know what
instead of dying
we all survive
how scary is that?

I’ve been told I have excellent penmanship
which is funny because I have a laptop and I’m a woman
at least I think I am

I’m sort of a local hero
Someone recently compared me to Carrie Bradshaw
secretly I’m pleased
secretly that’s the biggest compliment anyone has ever paid me
well, they didn’t pay me
it probably means they like my shoes and hats
or something

I’m not really into shoes and hats
I am in them
but I’m not into them

people write to me about
their problems
their issues
their families
and supply some sort of reassurance
that’s what I do
that’s part of who I am
I got told I was good at it
a few people get pissed off

my letterbox
my inbox

I’ve opened the floodgates to the voices all around me

I think it’s better we talk about it

I’m not going to cure cancer
I’m not going to save the world
what do you want from me?
Your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t going to come back
maybe they will
but if I can help in any way
or you just want to talk about
I’m here
I’m listening
I’m might not respond straight away
but know that you are heard

send me a message
write me a letter
make it something real

I better get on now
cause I suppose you’re wondering what this is all about



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