#129: Doesn’t Know What Time It Is

[Susan is fixing her hair and Terry is pottering around.]
[After a moment…]

-Susan, have you seen my tie?
-What was that, Terry?
-My tie?
-You’re wearing it?
-Oh, so I am
-Kiss me, Terry
-Oh, Sue
-Today’s a bad day, is it? We’re getting all dressed up
-Yes, I suppose it is.
-I’m coming with you
-I know. Where?
-Have you checked your diary?
-Where are we going today?
-Look in your diary, Terry
-Oh right

[Terry looks in his diary which is on the side. Susan’s lip starts to tremble.]

-What date is it?
-29th of March
-Next one.
-That’s right, Terry
-Let me see

[He looks and he slowly realises.]

-St Katherine’s?
-We don’t usually go to church, do we? Not on a Saturday
-No, but there’s a service at the church today
-Are we going to a party?
-No, it’s a special service
-Oh really? What for?
-It’s for Imogen.
-Yes, you know Imogen, don’t you? You remember her?
-Does she go to our church?
-She did, yes. She used to go every week with us.
-We used to give her a lift.
-That’s right. You used to drive and I would sit in the back and she would be in the passenger seat
-Did her family not want to take her?
-She is our family. She’s our daughter
-Is it a party for our daughter?
-No, Terry
-Is Imogen going to be there?
-Sue, why are you crying? Have I upset you?
-No, you haven’t done anything
-Why are you crying?
-We spoke about this yesterday
-Did we?
-Nothing happened yesterday. We didn’t do anything together yesterday. I’m sure I would have remembered. I don’t remember you telling me anything.
-I told you this yesterday and the day before. I’ll tell you everyday.
-Why are you crying, Sue? What’s wrong? I don’t like you being upset. Why are you crying, Sue?
-I’m sad, Terry. I’m sad. Today is a sad day. They have all been sad days lately.
-Why? Let me hold your hand.
-We’re going to Imogen’s funeral, Terry.



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