#125: Stephen and June (Part 1)

[A care home]



-I’ve moved into the room next door.

-I’m Stephen.


-Nice to meet you, June.
Would you like the tour?

-I need to unpack.
Maybe later.

I’m right next door.




-How is it?

-The food?


-How is it?

-It’s good.


-It doesn’t look very appetising.

-Well of course not.
But do vegetables…?

-I suppose not.


-Of course, people pass away every other week.
It’s quite normal.
People talk about it like it’s the weather.
I’ve heard a few of them have bets on who might go next.
Bit cruel if you ask me…

-There’s some people who don’t really need to be here. Do they?

-Not really.

-Like you? You seem fine?

-This seemed like a more financially viable option. For my kids.
I was rattling around a four bedroom house. It wasn’t worth it. They said I’d be better in here.
The other places I’ve been at…

-You’ve been somewhere else?

-Yes. It was closed a few years ago.


-It got too expensive, didn’t it?
I had to leave my dog behind.


-It’s lovely that your Peter comes to visit you.
What does he do?

-He’s a rocket scientist.


I think the exact title is Aeronautical Engineer, but yes, he’s a rocket scientist.


he’s working on a research project at the moment.
He’s full of big words that I don’t understand.
Clever lad.

-I can’t believe that your son is a rocket scientist.

-Neither can I.


-There are quite a few couples in this place.

-Yes. They are quite good for that.

-If you have enough money…



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