#123: Drunken Nightmares (Part 2)


DAVID: The people worship my presence in our society of repressed dreams and intensifying expectations. Pride. Destiny. Lust. A joyous feeling of independence, a feeling of liberty and a feeling of choice. I want this splendour to continue forever. The people want me to stay and divide up their freedom.

A: When alcohol enters your system, about 20% of the alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and about 80% is absorbed in the small intestine. Alcohol affects the outer layer of the brain – the frontal cortex – that is concerned with conscious thought. This is why people under the influence of alcohol often lose their inhibitions and dance on tables.

DAVID: Dancing on the tables in Freedom Square in the freedom revolution.

MATTHEW: Two shots of vodka.

A: The liver needs water to get rid of toxins from the body but, as alcohol acts as a diuretic, there is not a sufficient amount in the body, so the liver is forced to divert water from other organs including the brain, which causes throbbing headaches later on.

MATTHEW: Two shots of absinthe.

DAVID: Dancing on the tables in the Freedom Land of Freedom Hill. I’m free. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me! You can’t! I’m in the fucking sky.

[David falls over]

A: When the toxin level exceeds your body’s ability to metabolise them in an efficient manner, you experience a hangover. The excess toxins may irritate your stomach, cause you to vomit, and make you feel ill.

MATTHEW: Two glasses of water.

DAVID: I dream of people carving up their freedom all around me.

MATTHEW: Stay with me, David. Stay with me!



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