#119: Ice Cream for Breakfast (Part 1)

A cardboard comedy for 7 year olds.



At ease!
This is the long and arduous road ahead!
There is no room for error…falling over…stopping…except now…and when we need to take a break.
No unscheduled breaks.
No toilet requests.

We are in search of ourselves. Our lives. Our freedom.
This is our heritage, our lifeblood, if we don’t take care of our own, our heritage will perish. We need to take back what has been taken.

If we don’t speak up now, all that we know and care for, will be gone.

The journey will be long.
We may lose a few of you on the way, because you are clinically obese.
But the rest – the strong, the skinny, the learned – will triumph.

We shall stand up for what we believe in!
We will not sit around and lose what was rightfully ours.
Our freedom!

ALL:Our freedom!

TODD:Our ice cream!

ESKY:Yes! Our ice cream!

CLAIRE: Stealth.

ALL: Stealth.

CLAIRE. Names, Rank, Company… In order. Company, report!

TODD: Todd Beckett, Jerry Division of Ben & Jerry Divisions, Co-Leader

PAUL:Paul Lefore, Ben Division of Ben & Jerry Divisions, Asst. Leader

MEL: Melanie Rutger, Supermarket Division, Asst. to the Asst. to the Asst.

JOE: Joe Irish, Local Division, encompassing all local and independent parlours.

ESKY: Eskimo Jones, Native Eskimo Expert Division, concerning ice and more ice

HANNAH: Hannah MacLennan, Administration.

CLAIRE: And Claire McCrory, Head of Head Division, general leader, all round genius. Together, we will save the world.



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