#115: Another incident on the M74

A: The radio spouts the traffic. And we don’t move in the car.

B: I keep my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel. We’re frozen in each of our seats.

A: The body in front of us doesn’t move either.

B: We’re hanging upside down secured by belts. Paralysed by something.

A: Are you ok?

B: …

A: Hello. Are you ok?

B: …

A: Sorry. It’s ok. You don’t have to say anything.

B: …

A: Just give me sign that you’re ok. Please.

B: [they nod]

A: Good. I’m all right… My leg’s sore, but I’m sure it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Does it hurt anywhere?

B: [shakes head]

A: Ok. I don’t think we should get out. Not just yet.

B: [they nod]

A: Good.

B: …

A: Can you see anything?

B: …

A: Can you hear that?

B: …

A: Is that sirens?

B: …

A: Someone must have called the police.

B: …

A: You’re going to have to say something. Please. When the police come over.


B: [stuttering] I can’t….I can’t…

A: That’s ok. You’ll need to tell them your name.

B: …

A: Just one step at a time. Your name when they come up to the window. And tell him where you live. He’ll need your address. And he’ll want to know. To make sure you get back safe.

B: I can’t.



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