#111: Kill Screen

-I don’t want to meddle anymore
-Sure you don’t…
-Excuse me?
-You’re always sticking your nose in. Why stop now?
-OK, we need to sort this out
-Whatever this is…
-This is nothing. Derek and I are moving on, so should you
-Yes, cause this is my problem
-Don’t make this about you
-Let me tell you four hundred reasons about why this is all about you
-That’s productive
-Why are you mad at me?
-The fact that you have to ask
-I’d rather you told me
-It’s more complicated than that
-No it’s not. You just don’t want to talk about it
-Don’t do that
-Say ‘Sure’ like
-Like what?
-Like –
-I’m going

-Take your stuff
-I’ll be back in the morning
-I’ll put it out on the street if you’re not back
-Don’t trouble yourself




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