#108: Different places

Yesterday I took a trip to the old park, where I used to play as a small child. It was strange looking at the swings and roundabouts and dreaming about yesterday, wishing that yesterday could be tomorrow.

Kirstin reaches out to grab the pole on the outside of the ferry, to feel the wind blowing in her face and the wind bluster in her ears A man opens the door to her adventure, and pulls her back into the inside of the ferry. Her ears turn pink as they heat up and her hands begin to itch. She sits down next to the man and starts to explain. She describes in vivid Technicolor the time in which her boyfriend told her to stop being so childish and just grow up. Every time she’s anywhere new, she imagines being a child again and dreams of mythical creatures and weird and strange lands.

Tyler looks out the window of his car after turning up the volume on the radio. Don’t Stop Believing is playing and the lyrics dance around his head. He waves to Jenny across the street. He remembers when they danced to the song in a terrible club. She crosses the street and jumps in the car. They both smile.



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