#106: Biscuit Base Foundation

-This one’s nice, Kel
-What’s that?
-This one’ll suit you
-What is it?
-It’s perfect for your skin tone
-Oh right
-Do you like it?
-Where’s the girl?
-You wanna try it on?
-You should try it
-I don’t usually wear make-up
-We should get it
-I don’t have the money for it
-Put it in your bag
-I’m not doing that
-It’s a tiny bottle
-They’ve got cameras
-You deserve it
-No, I don’t want to
-What you afraid of, Kel?
-I’m not taking it
-The girl’s over there
-I’m going
-It’s perfect for you. Biscuit base
-I’m not biscuit base
-You’re all tanned
-It’s Mediterranean
-I know. Take it. It’s a bottle. What’s it to them?
-I don’t need it
-Neither do they
-It’s not worth it. I’m going home
-You coming?
-Staying out?
-What’s it to you? It’s only foundation
-See you later Bette
-Kelly! Kel!

-Fuck’s sake.


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