#165: Stufffed

There’s all the time in the world to create inventory but why bother?
He’s got a system covered by the mess
The mess has its own inner magic
He’s saved all his receipts and his mini half-used shampoo bottles from hotels he’s stayed at. Empty and expensive.
A shelf holds each pair of glasses he’s worn since childhood. He’s seen his eyewear change shape and he’s watched himself grow up in terms of sight and style.
He’s stacked his photographs in date order from nineteen oatcake til the last photo of him and his daughter
He lays all his book in order of colour
A spectrum of knowledge that’s brought him life and light
Time Line Therapy
The Basis of Psychotherapy
The Structure of Magic
Obama’s Autobiography
The Essential Spike Milligan
Great Exceptations
He’s reordered everything a few times trying to make more room for everything in his life

All the stuff
He surveys it all and looks out the purple plate for when his toast pops from his favourite of his ten toasters.

This house is still not full
He fills a glass with orange juice
Half empty



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