#21: Build me up Buttercup

[The back room of a wedding. TRACEY and DEARBHLA are speaking in hushed tones. Music plays in the distance and there is the occasional cheer or whoop from within the main hall.]

-I don’t think you should
-But he likes me
-I know, but you’ll just upset him
-It’s fine
-He’s such a good guy. You know it’s going to end badly
-I’m giving it a chance. That’s all it is. A day at a time
-You don’t want it. What have you been saying for these past few months?
-I don’t know
-You’re friends, stop trying to extend your relationship, is it not fine the way it is?
-What if I like him?
-What if you break his heart? And what if you meet someone else who is perfect for you?
-Then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it
-You’re never going to listen
-I’m listening. What if I’m missing out on the greatest relationship of my life?
-Tracey, it’s Justin
-You don’t want me to
-I don’t mind if you do, but I’m just trying to remind you of what you’ve said in the past. I want to make sure you get what you want, nay, what you deserve
-Justin is one of my best friends, you are one of my best friends. If you two start going at it, everything changes
-So this is all about you?
-No. I didn’t say that. Dynamically it would be different, but I would still love both of you dearly
-I’m getting a glass of wine
-Come on
-It’s alright.

[Some sort of affection. Then they both return to the wedding]