#20: His best friend is probably Matt Damon

– Ben Affleck, you know, Ben Affleck, there’s a guy who’s really been through it all. All the ups and downs. He’s really explored who he is in trial and error. Same haircut for 10 fucking years, but this guy, he’s finally – finally he’s settled down. You can see the passion in his eyes. Now when he’s acting, we know he’s not lying. He’s working really hard to make us believe that he’s not working hard.
This man is a different man to the one we’ve seen, look at all his late stuff
This guy is good, not the man in Pearl Harbour
– With Josh Hartnett
– Yeah, but better than that
– Cuba Gooding Jnr is excellent
– I know right, but Ben Affleck – he’s just developed and developed and just when you don’t expect it – and you go back and look at his earlier work and align that with how much the industry changed
– I get you
– They’ve changed him; he’s evolving
– Think about Matt Damon
– He taken everything he’s learned from all the films he’s done and all the life experience and really made something extraordinary which appeals to a mass audience and then Oscars and shit, how does this guy and he’s married to a really beautiful woman
– Remember J-Lo
– Shocking, but still a big learning lesson on how you don’t make a film. This guy – the critics, I thought the critics would have hung him out to dry by now, but he keeps coming out the wash all clean
– His haircut is still the same.