#19: Mr. Brightside

“She has become legend herself
She has be someone
She wants to move
Reminded of Hecuba
How Martin Crimp you are”

I find
I see
it is oxygen

And something has happened to my ears
As I burn
They burn hot pink and orange
Lip reading the hate
And expecting the looks
And glances
As you expect me to turn turn turn

I keep moving forward
Keep burning light
Keep burning life

You cut me
And keeps bleeding
Bleeding love

You cut deep
It’s always the deepest

And as a turn around
You call a cab
Smoke a cigarette
And never come back.

You cut me open
and I

Heart surgery

You said
It’s time to go for a walk
And we went outside to the forest

And in the woods
I find words and words
And pictures
Images of clichés

We dive into ferns and sequoias
We don’t come out til dark
til the wind picks
and the fire rage

It’s like fourteen different voices
All in sync
All in the acid bath that is brain

We can’t see why it’s so hot
We can’t see anything
Except with thermal vision x-ray vision
All we see is red yellow orange black
not blue
all at sea
but no blue at all