#18: Broken legs

[STEPHANIE sits on the hospital bed.]

-Do you want me to bring your mum in?
Do you want that?

-I don’t want to see anyone

-Do you want to be by yourself? We can arrange that

-I don’t want to talk to her

-Are you sure?

-No it’s fine. Maybe I need to be alone

-She’s quite worried. Why don’t you see her and then we can send her away?
You just take us much time as you need

-Have my legs?

-It’s your ankles


-Do you want me to explain it to you?
I can show you the x-rays
You’ll need to have several operations
You won’t be able to dance…

-Please don’t
I don’t need the information

-I’ll just get your mum

[DR FENWICK leaves. STEPHANIE sits in stony silence. She can’t cry.]

[STEPHANIE’s MUM enters. She is very upset.]

-You looked so wonderful

-Until it snapped


[MUM suffocates her child with kisses.]

-Stop it.

-I’ll bring you some water

-Could you go?


-Please go.

-I’ll get you a water and then we can
we can watch something

-Could you go?

-Stephanie, don’t be difficult

-You’re the one who’s still here.


-Just fuck off

-You’re tired. Here, lie back have some rest. I’ll fetch the doctor.

-I don’t need the doctor. She explained it.

-So you want me to go?



[MUM picks up her bag and spends a long time putting on her coat.]



-Are you sure I can’t get you anything?

[DR FENWICK returns.]

-I think it might be time to let Stephanie rest.
It’s time to say goodnight.
You can come back in the morning, Mrs Harris.