#17: Some sort of zombie apocalypse

[Four people who live in the same desolated house. There is a chair and wallpaper but not much else. A radio is in the centre of the room. It has recently been made and tuned. It all very exciting. The first communication in days. ]

-He’s talking on the radio.
-What’s he saying?
-Turn it up.
-Sh, or we’ll make you sit in the other room
-What is it?
-It’s not English
-Can you translate it?
-I don’t know what they’re saying
-Is that Tilworth?
-Sounds like him
-But his accent is all funny
-Probably trying to disguise it
-Where do you think they are?
-It’s very clear
-Sounds like a studio
-Do you think it’s near here?
-How could we know that?
-If we record it we could try and work out where they are
-How we going to do that?
-I don’t know
-Took us four days to put this shit together
-And now they are not speaking English
-It doesn’t sound like anything
-Is it Flemish?
-Could be German?
-What we going to do?
-Why don’t they speak English?
-Maybe we’ve been occupied
-It’s a possiblility

-We’re going to have to go outside

[They all look to one of the doors. One of them, SAMMY, starts to make a move towards the other door.]

-Don’t be stupid
-We can’t go out there
-It’s been five days
-I’m not going out there
-Well, we can’t stay in here
-Where’s Sammy?

[It is now that they realize that SAMMY is gone.]