#14: Some shit you feel when you’re drunk and sick as a dog.

– I’m really upset
– You can’t just say that
– Why?
– You have to say that you’re fine.
– Ok.
– So, why you upset?
– I’m not, I’m fine.
– But you just said you were not
– What does that matter?
– What?
– You told me to be fine
– But you’re upset
– I’m fine
– I want you to be ok
– What?
– How can I help you?
– I don’t think you can
– But…
– I think I want to listen to music really loudly until I dance myself to sleep and not think about life anymore. I don’t want to hear any more thoughts and I would like to consume and consume until I can’t take it anymore. Until I throw up every word I’ve written, every word I’ve seen warps and evolves into something new. I want to regurgitate every feeling I’ve had in the pit of my stomach, because you make me feel ill and I want to absorb all the alcohol of negativity
– And then you think
– And then I think
– We’re different people
– And it’s ok
– And it’s ok
– It’s ok
– It’s fine
– And it alright to be alone.
– Instead of being me against myself
– Against the world
– Maybe it could be
– Maybe it could be
– Maybe it could us
– Us against the world
– And every word, every feeling I’ve expressed
– Maybe you’d accept it