#13: Three dancers and a baby

[A slow dance, somewhere. JEREMY and LILY are together, JEREMY is struggling.]

-You’re counting wrong
-It’s ¾
-No it isn’t
-You don’t even know what that means

-Do you want to lead?
-No, I like it when you do it

-Are you going to dance with Graeme?
-Would that be ok?
-Are you sure?
-Of course

-Spin me!

-Bring it back in.

[LILY pulls away.]

-It’s fine
-Got two left feet
-It’s like dancing with a tractor

-I’m going to the buffet. [Across the room] Graeme, she’s all yours
-I’m not a piece of meat that you can chuck around
-Do you not want to dance with Graeme?
-Go get yourself a sausage roll

[GRAEME takes LILY by the sides. They dance elegantly.]

-Have you told him?
-Do you not want it?
-I haven’t decided
-I want to make sure it’s the right decision
-Either way
-I know. Thanks
-It’s like ripping a plaster off. Just do it quickly
-But the wound – it hurts
-It’s better if it’s out in the open
-But I don’t know what I want
-Who actually knows? You don’t know if it’s right until you’re there
-I don’t want to act on impulse. It’s a baby

-He loves you
-I don’t know if I can do it
-It’s cause of his dancing?
-No, Graeme
-There’s more? He can’t cook either?

-Please spin me

[GRAEME and LILY spin and the music ends. They clap the band.
[JEREMY enters with a sausage roll. He has crumbs done his front.]

-Oh dear.

-Rip the bandage off.