#9: Gag Reflex (Part 1)

[Philippa enters the stage
She holds a sick bag and a basin.
She looks a bit queasy for a while, a bit uncertain.
Then over time, she vomits.
It’s fake of course.
This is a performance and Philippa is a performer.]

-That’s how it feels

[Philippa holds up the sick bag]

-If I were more of an anxious person, this would be full.
-Every time I think about her, it’s like this deepness sickness
-Manifesting itself physically
-Pours out
-It’s definitely a cry from the soul
-Where else could such pain mixed with pleasure come from?

[She takes the basin and places it on the floor. She takes a sip of water.]

-That’s better
-I want to talk to you
-About the things that make me feel ill
-Cause sickness, in all of its forms, can be hard to deal with
-Just when you think you’ve got it all together

[Of course, Philippa fake vomits again. She smiles. It’s a performance. Relax.]

-Sometimes it comes out of my nose
-I forget to breathe
-I’m trying to suppress it
-But nature finds its way out

-It’s like the Colorado River. Did you know about this? The River Colorado used to meander through seven of the US states, but to build houses and develop areas for new communities the authorities attempted to straighten it as much as possible. They dammed it; they tried to show it where to go; they made parts of it dry out; they tried to tame it.
-But you can tame nature
-You can’t tame the Colorado River to behave the way you want it
-You can’t tame me



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