#8: Na na na nananana nananana Hey Jude!

[LAUREN, OLIVIA and VICTOR sit around the campfire. JULES, FIONA and TODD are leaving and saying goodnight. Alcohol has been consumed and pot has been smoked. JULES, FIONA and TODD leave and head back to their tents. It has been an interesting tense day on the hills.]

– Any more booze?
– I’ve got some whisky
– I love you guys
– I love you too
– Are you going to miss me? When I leave?
– Oh stop it
– I’m leaving, Laurel
– I don’t like to think about it
– To whisky!
– To booze!
– Have some wine, Olive. Celebrate!
– You’re trying to get me drunk
– No
– Yes you are
– No!
– Stop it you two
– Oh, you’re just jealous
– Of our wonderful connection
– We have to sleep in a tent after this
– Let’s stay up
– I’m going to bed
– You’re a loser
– I miss you
– You’re drunk
– But I miss you
– Why?
– I miss you cause I’m drunk
– I’m going to miss you too
– Let’s go back to the tents
– I just want to have one more drink. With you Olive

[LAUREN kisses OLIVIA and VICTOR on the cheek. They are smashed.]

– What’s to do?
– But stay up
– And be spontaneous!
– Shhhhh…
– The other are trying to sleep
– They can go fuck themselves
– They are
– Shhhh…
– Please be quiet

[LAUREN kisses OLIVE. VICTOR takes a swig of whisky from the bottle, intrigued.]