#5: Something later

[GARRETT and QUARK stand by a phone box. It is 6pm. QUARK drinks from a hipflask, while GARRETT shakes in the cold.]

–       How do we arrive?
–       Probably by car, maybe on foot
–       Will we be in the back?
–       You’ll be in the front with the driver
–       Who’s that?
–       Kenneth
–       Which one’s he?
–       The guy with the limp
–       He’s got a gammy leg
–       So?
–       What if he needs to get out?
–       He’ll get out
–       What if we need to run?
–       We’ll run
–       Are we going to leave him?
–       I don’t care.
–       Really?
–       Is that all the questions?


–       We’re done here
–       Alright
–       I’ll pick you up at midnight
–       Yeah
–       Happy with that?
–       Guess so
–       And you’re not going to fucking cry this time
–       No. Fuck you

[QUARK offers the hipflask to GARRETT]

–       Dutch courage for the road
–       Really?
–       Take it

[GARRETT takes a massive gulp.]

–       Steady there
–       Sorry
–       Wear something dark
–       Is this really happening?
–       Yeah. Time to be heading off. If anyone asks, you didn’t see me
–       Ok.
–       Be ready. I’m not hanging around outside in the car waiting for you to put your makeup on
–       Yeah
–       And don’t fucking panic
–       Yes, boss
–       I won’t have any of that
–       It’s just a job
–       And you’ll get paid at the end
–       Right.  Now fuck off.

[GARRETT skulks off into the shadows and QUARK takes another sip from the hipflask. He finds it empty and then throws the flask across the stage. He thinks about screaming into the sky, but doesn’t.]



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