#4: The many props that distract one from life.

[A door falls out of its frame, narrowly missing a box of eggs, which is lying centrestage. MINNIE enters with a tray of drinks and places it on the table.]

–       Guy! Guy!
–       [offstage] What?!
–       The door’s fallen off again.
–       [offstage] Well, put it back then!

[MINNIE looks at the tray of drinks and then at the door. She is overwhelmed and confused. She goes towards the door and attempts to lift it. She does successfully, but then lets it drop.]

–       Guy! Guy!
–       [offstage] What?
–       It’s too heavy.
–       [offstage] I’ll be in a minute.

[Through the empty doorframe, SAMUEL appears. He’s carrying a bunch of flowers.]

–       Oh, all right, Minnie?
–       Oh, hello Samuel.
–       Bad door day?
–       Definitely.
–       Do you want help lifting it?
–       No it’s fine. Guy’s coming through in a minute. He’ll be able to fix it

–       Such a strong man.
–       Yes
–       What’s with all the drinks? You having a party?
–       No, it’s for later.
–       Oh right.
–       Who are those flowers for?
–       Oh yes, these. They are for a wonderful lady.
–       You’ve got a date, Samuel?
–       With my mother at the hospital. It’s a celebration; she’s finally got that new hip.
–       Oh, congratulations.
–       Thanks.
[GUY suddenly appears from the side.]

–       The door. Right.

[GUY lifts the door and secures it back in its frame. He tests it, by opening it wide and then slamming it. He leaves.]

–       Guy’s looking well.
–       Yes, he is.
–       I’ll be off then.

–       Why don’t you stop off for a drink on the way back, Sam?
–       Oh, right. Yes, well, that would be lovely.

[SAM leaves. MINNIE picks up one of the drinks and takes a gulp.]



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