#3: “I’ve baked a cake for Tim”

– You’re sweating
– Yeah, I know

[Mark starts to sit.]

– Can you put a towel down?
– Here?
– Yeah, there’s one on the side.
– Where?
– Here. It’s right in front of you.
– Oh right
– Was it a good night?
– We didn’t win
– Oh
– McGregor was all up in my face . Ref yellow carded him
– And what happened then?
– He called me a cunt
– Oh
– He should have got a red card for that
– Yeah, he did, but
– But what?
– I punched him and got sent off myself
– What?
– Yeah
– Shit, What was the score?
– 3 -1
– Gutted
– Would it done better if I was there
– Right
– What’s with all the mess?
– Making a cake
– That’s what that smell is
– Yeah, for Tim’s birthday
– Where’s dinner?
– Lost track of time
– Right
– and it’s his birthday is tomorrow
– Right
– I thought we could just get a takeaway
– I’ll order that then
– No, I’ll do it
– It’s fine, I’ve got it.

– I’m sorry you didn’t win
– It’s just a fucking game, Lisa
– Still, it means a lot for the team
– Does it?

– Do you want a starter?
– I’m not hungry
– So no then
– I’m going to bed
– Mark
– What?
– Nothing
– What?
– Don’t you want to eat?
– I’ve lost my appetite



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