#2: Heartattack

[KIM slams the door. She is wearing a hat, t-shirt and shorts. She has one shoe. FIONA’s eyes are wide. They stare into the silence together, until it breaks underneath them.]

–       Is it true then?
–       What?
–       What they said about the aliens?
–       I didn’t see any.
–       What’s that then?
–       It’s the light from the house. When I ran past, it automatically came on.
–       Are they in there?
–       I don’t know. You got a cigarette?

[Nothing. KIM finds her own cigarette and lights it.]

–       When’d you start smoking again?
–       Doesn’t matter.
–       You don’t need to be defensive.
–       Don’t tell me to calm down.
–       Shit, you serious?

–       We should check in an hour
–       I’m not going out there. Not again. It’s your turn.

–       Someone will come find us
–       You got your phone on you?
–       Battery’s gone
–       Of course it has.

–       What happened to yours?
–       I don’t know. Got lost in the rush
–       You never were very good with technology
–       I got allergies

–       You just don’t like people. Surely it would be a good buffer

[KIM stubs her cigarette, squashes it into the floor.]

–       It’s gonna be a long time in here
–       No shit
–       So I just got to ask.
–       What?
–       It’s not the right time.
–       It’s the alien apocalypse! Fucking second coming!
–       Exactly!
–       What?
–       I just got to know
–       What? WHAT?
–       Are we friends or are we lovers?


–       Give me a cigarette.



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