My First Published

One Night Stand Kiss

The hip-hop of the flip-flop
as it clip clops
to the tick tock
travelling down street
the rhythm and beat
the pounding of the feet
girls laughing
as boys look on the beach
hoping for the lip lock
as they sip on lemonade
while the sun fades
on the bikinis of the maids
approaching dark

The crackle of the fire
a gathering on the dunes
under the glow of moon
and tunes
illuminated by festoons
the dancing begins
dreaming away their sins
with gins and tonics
boys become moronic
the girls supersonic
free to romance
and take a chance
on a man they have seen in the dark.

A little while on
the girls dream of bed
the boys they instead
unlock many beers
throw away fears
and hold back their tears
invest in the sand
demand the girls’ hand
in a waltz without faults
down to the salty sea
to swim in an ocean
visualising a notion
of a girl they examined in the dark.

In the hotel bar
back from the beach
The boys and the girls reach
one another
brothers after hours
and ascend the stairs
into darkened hotel lairs
to fumble about
with shock and some doubt
about each other’s affairs
back home
avoiding all this
with a one night stand kiss
that should have been missed
but is happening now
in the dark.


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